Matt Mitchell

Sr. Software Engineer

Allen Park, MI 48101 · (313) 418-3132 ·

I am an innovative, pragmatic, ever-learning, ever-growing, Senior Software Engineer that loves to explore new technologies. I am a full stack .Net engineer as well as proficient with NodeJS (JavaScript and Typescript) that loves to advocate for cloud technologies. I have experience in the full software development lifecycle – from concept through delivery of next-generation applications and customizable solutions. I am an expert do-er, well-versed in different development methodologies, tools and processes contributing to the design and rollout of cutting-edge software applications. I'm known for excellent troubleshooting skills – able to analyze code and engineer well-researched, cost-effective and responsive solutions. On the side, I dive into IOT solutions for problems no one really has! I also love to make Amazon Echo skills and am a big advocate of Serverless technologies.


Senior Software Engineer

Rocket Central / Quicken Loans Inc.

As a Senior Software Engineer, my responsibilities shifted from building and supporting software to also designing, architecting and educating. I became more involved with the Technology Standards conversations, designed larger scale applications and mentored more junior and mid-level engineers within the company. For the past two years, I have been the Senior Software Engineer on the sole Authentication team with the focus of building and maintaining the authentication systems used by our clients and team members. Some of the projects I had the privilege of working on are:

Designed and Built multiple services to support Authentication for all of the Rocket Companies to leverage. I have also maintained and continued to develop the primary authentication system that supports all Rocket Users. There are multiple authentication systems to support different aspects of the business. Some of the technologies that are leveraged include (but not limited to) SAML, OAuth/OIDC, SCIM and LDAP.

Designed and Built an interface for all Team Member data to be used by all internal applications. This was a hybrid on-prem/cloud solution that leveraged AWS Database Migration Service, MSSQL, AWS Aurora(MySQL), AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, Apollo GraphQL and the Serverless Framework.

Designed and Built multiple services to sync internal data with third party SAAS solutions. These services were NodeJS applications hosted on AWS Lambda that leveraged AWS API Gateway and the Serverless Framework.

Built Log Exporting system for AWS Cloudwatch to Splunk. This service was built as a NodeJS application on AWS Lambda that leveraged Cloudwatch Log Streams and the Serverless Framework.

Designed and Built state machines via AWS Step Functions to deliver internal data to third party SAAS Solutions.

Designed and Built a desktop pop up survey system with reporting. This application consisted of a VueJS UI served as static site in AWS S3 with a Typescript API hosted on AWS Lambda via the Serverless Framework. Windows and Mac Desktop Clients were built with Electron.

Wrote a Javascript Logging Library - formats all logs to comply with internal company standards. This package was accessible by our engineers as both an internal npm package and an AWS Lambda Layer.

Wrote a Serverless Framework multi-region plugin - Used for deploying all of our serverless applications as Active-Active multi-region applications.

2018 - Present

Software Engineer

Quicken Loans Inc.

As a Software Engineer my focus was primarily on growing my skillset and helping provide valuable business solutions. During this time I had the pleasure of being involved in some innovative projects, some of which were:

Worked on and maintained an internal tool for managing parking space allocation with reporting for all team members within the Family of Companies. This was a hybrid on-prem/cloud solution that included a .Net Framework / Razor & AngularJS UI with .Net Core REST API hosted on AWS Lambda using the AWS API Gateway and the Serverless Framework.

Worked on and maintained retail leasing platform for Bedrock. This solution was a .Net Framework application with a Razor UI.

Designed and Built an IOT Photo Kiosk with Facial Recognition / email & Twitter integration. This solution included a Windows UWP App for the photo kiosk as well as leveraged AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, AWS SES and AWS Rekognition.

2014 - 2018


Programming Languages & Tools
  • HTML 5


.Net Framework & .Net Core

Serverless Framework

AWS API Gateway

AWS DynamoDB


AWS Lambda

AWS Step Functions




Javascript & Typescript



REST & GraphQL






  • Code follows SOLID principles
  • Quality First, Responsible Architecture
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum
  • Follows the 5 Pillars of the AWS Well Architected Framework


Apart from being an engineer, my family recently grew by one. I enjoy spending time with family and being a Dad to two beautiful children.

In the summer you can usually find me somewhere near our small koi pond outside. For days that are too hot, I may have made a website so that I can watch my Koi from the comfort of... anywhere. Feel free to check it out!

I also like to just create things for fun, trying out new technologies and tools to improve myself as a developer and stay up to date with current tech. This has led me to building some fun Alexa Skills for the Amazon Echo, mobile apps using Flutter and Dart for both iOS and Android, as well as countless websites.

Certifications & Awards


Leads By Example

By Quicken Loans / Rocket Central · Team Leader
"With the level of expertise and poise Matt brings to his role, he sets a fantastic example for the engineers around him to aspire to. He defaults to open and aims to not only better himself, but to better his team and those around him as well."

Team Player

By Quicken Loans / Rocket Central · Senior Software Engineer
"Matt is a tier 1 engineer. He is constantly learning and challenging himself to become better and challenging the team to do the same. He always comes to the table with new and thoughtful ideas of how to solve a problem for the team. Matt will improve whatever team he is on."

Widespread Knowledge

By Quicken Loans / Rocket Central · Team Leader
"Matt is always one of the first team members to vet out new technologies. Matt has been focusing on Serverless, Angular and CI/CD recently and possesses a deep level of knowledge in all of those areas. This has made him the "Go To" resource for other engineers in the company."

Champion for Cloud and Serverless

By Quicken Loans / Rocket Central · Senior Software Engineer
"Matt is constantly learning and bringing new ideas back to the team. He is a champion for Cloud and specifically Serverless within the team and company. His opinion is always sought by not only our team members, but many others in the family of companies evidenced by his inclusion in the Tech Standards discussions. Matt is the epitome of "engineered to amaze". "

Leading Development

By Quicken Loans / Rocket Central · Team Leader
"Matt takes charge of breaking down our work and ensuring we're doing things the right way (living up to the standards set by QL Technology and by our Team). He is very vocal in team meetings and planning ceremonies and stays engaged and on-task throughout. When others have questions about how work should be done by our team, Matt is usually involved in that discussion and impacting the outcome."